Day Hike: Deer Mountain Trail

Where: Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park

Time it took to drive there: About 2 hours

When we arrived: 12 pm

Length of trail: 6 miles round trip

Time it took to hike: About 3 1/2 hours

View from our lunch spot
View from our lunch spot

A couple of weekends ago, Gene and I went up to the Rocky Mountain National Park to hike up to Deer Mountain. It was supposed to be a very nice weekend so we wanted to take advantage of that.

This hike was really nice. There are loads of great views, both of the forest and of mountain ranges. Many parts of the trail were covered in snow but our hiking boots had almost no difficulty at all walking on it. The trail is for moderate hikers I would say because there are a lot of rocky areas and slight inclines.

The main problem with our hike was the wind. I didn’t think to check if it would be windy when we went, so we were a bit surprised when we were getting hit with 25 mph winds. That made the day way colder but still pretty manageable. We stopped for lunch after about 4 miles and had a lovely view.

There weren’t too many hikers on the trail, but I’m sure once the weather warms up this trail will be quite popular. It’s pretty close to the entrance of the park which makes it a great day hike.

The views at the top of the mountain are just spectacular. You can see Estes Park and the park entrance. There are mountains literally surrounding you. It was very windy at the top, and very cold, but definitely worth it. Great spot for a picnic, although I imagine it will be very crowded in the warmer months.

This is a great trail because you don’t have to hike for very long before you get a gorgeous view.

At the top of Deer Mountain
At the top of Deer Mountain

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