Day hike: Mount Falcon

2013-03-03 12.30.34Where: Indian  Hills (near Morrison)

Time it took to drive there: About 40 minutes

When we arrived: 12:15

Length of trail: 3 miles

Time it took to hike: Don’t remember

There are multiple trails you can take at Mount Falcon. One of the nice things about these trails is that you can make loops of them, so you don’t have to back track at all if you don’t want to (see map here). This also allows you to choose how long you want to walk, great for both days when you want to walk a little or a lot.

Gene and I went last weekend and spent a couple of hours over there. This is a great family hike. A mile down the trail you reach a covered picnic area with a beautiful view (see panorama below) that is great for lunches or dinners. At certain points along the trail you can see the tops of Red Rocks, which is fun. And there are some decent views of Denver too, which I like.

When we hiked there the trails were either covered in snow or mud, which made the going a bit slower but still enjoyable. I think this trail will be gorgeous in the spring and summer.

There were a good amount of people on the main trail. For all the snow that was there, I was surprised at how many hikers were around. For the majority of our hike we were alone though, this was when we were on the Parmalee Trail.

We’ll definitely have to go back so we can try out the other trails and see what it looks like without so much snow. We also learned that there are geocache spots along these trails so if you enjoy doing that, you may consider trying to find one of the ones at Mount Falcon.

2013-03-03 12.30.20

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