Posting time again!

So I’ve totally been ignoring my blog lately, which is just a bummer for me (and hopefully you, the reader, as well). Therefore, I am making a goal of posting at least three times a week  from now to the end of April. Does WordPress still do a PostaWeek thing? Anyways, there may be a week in there where I won’t be able to do this because of a visiting guest (yay) but I’ll try my best!

Work is going really well right now. There is a new warehouse supervisor in my area and he’s doing  a great job so far. Everyone is working much better from what I can tell. This means I’m getting off on time so I should have a good chunk of evening to write something.

The weather is slowly getting warmer here in Colorado. Happiness! I am beyond ready for the warmer weather. I want to go hiking more often, have picnics, take more walks, open my patio door, not wear sweatshirts all the freaking time! And I’m really looking forward to waking up in the sunshine and going home before it’s dark.

So that’s my first post, a bit of randomness, a short hello. I’m still alive, I’m still doing well, and I’m ready to post more frequently!

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