What I like Wednesday: Elementary

I am really becoming a fan of the show Elementary. When I first heard of it, I refused to watch it because I felt it was just a copy of the BBC’s Sherlock and I thought that nothing could compare to that show. But when my parents said they enjoyed it and suggested that Gene and I give it a try I figured why not. I could always just watch one episode and then never watch it again.

Well how glad I am I started that first episode.

Elementary is a fantastic show. Sherlock and Watson are a great pair. I enjoy watching their relationship change and become deeper. Those moments where they realize how much they depend on each other and how much their friendship matters are just so touching. Individually they are interesting as well. I think Sherlock’s past helps make him more real. It shows how he’s not perfect, allowing the audience to relate with him. It also gives the writers plenty to work with in the future. Although I do like how Watson used to be a surgeon, I feel like the writers are dragging out her past, making it more mysterious and dark than it really needs to be. I do like her progress in deduction though, it gives me hope that I could be just as observant one day.

I’m not a huge fan of Captain Gregson (I don’t like his voice, he seems a little forced), but I like Detective Bell quite a bit. Each episode has a new mystery so nothing has the chance to get old.

I look forward to the future of Elementary and hope that it lasts more than one season.

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