Snow Shoeing near Lookout Mountain

2013-03-23 11.29.29
Excited to go snow shoeing

Today, Gene, Kevin, Kaitlin, and I went snow shoeing. The snow had been coming down since last night so there was plenty for walking in/on. The original plan was to go on a trail near Berthoud Pass but I-70, and every other highway to the mountains, was closed so we had to come up with another idea. Kevin ended up parking in a lot on the side of Lookout Mountain. We found a large unnamed trail (or road possibly) that had plenty of snow for us. We only walked for about an hour but that was just enough for my first snow shoe trek!

There was some wind today, which did not help with the below freezing weather. That, combined with snowfall, made for a shorter hike than planned. I think going snow shoeing on a clear day, right after a snowfall, would be absolutely gorgeous and fun. And I had a great time today, so imagine how much more awesome it would be if snow was not blowing in my face.

Thanks Kaitlin and Kevin for taking care of the snow shoes and for driving! We’ll have to do it again some time!

Now I’m hunkered down in my apartment, hidden under an electric blanket, enjoying the warm glow of the internet. 🙂

2013-03-23 11.29.36
Getting ready to go snow shoeing!

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