What I like Wednesday: Fiasco

Gene’s sister got me a game called Fiasco this past Christmas. I had seen the game being played on Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop show last year and it immediately caught my interest. Although it took me a couple months to finally play it, I am so thrilled I have the game!

Fiasco is a role playing game that does not need a game master. You can play it in a few hours (our game took about 3 hours) and all you really need are some six sided dice (the amount depends on how many people are playing), paper and a writing utensil. Three to five people can play.

Each person creates a character with the help of the other players. It’s all in your head so not much needs to be written down. Together, the players come up with locations, needs, relationships, and objects (all found in the rule book) that will help create the setting and atmosphere of the game. Then, the characters that the players made interact with one another and create total chaos and destruction.

Elisabeth, Gene, and I all played together for the first time last week. We chose the Wild West as our setting. My character, Christos, and Elisabeth’s character, Jeremiah, both worked in the mines. Gene’s character,  Janette was my mail order bride (she was French). Their need was to get free and to get away so they all attempted to run off to San Francisco but alas, trouble ensued. Christos got put in jail at one point. Later he shot Jeremiah and Janette. Janette became a prostitute and both Jeremiah and Christos got drunk fairly often.

It was a total blast. Although we were a bit awkward at first (role playing can be frightening), we quickly got into the swing of things and just went with it. We became our characters (with a few breaks for laughs in between). When we needed help or couldn’t think of where to go with the story, we paused and talked it out and then continued on. We probably didn’t follow the rules to the tee, but that’s part of the game, it’s okay to go off course a bit as long as you’re causing mayhem and having a great time doing it.

The cool thing that I like about this game? It is always different. And you can create your own list of relationships, needs, objects, and locations if you have an awesome idea. Elisabeth, Gene, and I have come up with a Dungeons and Dragons setting so next time we’ll use that instead of the Wild West. Other settings that Fiasco has included are: a nice Southern town, a suburban community, and a station on Antarctica.

I highly recommend this game for someone wanting to try out something new. I think it’s a great introduction to what role playing can be like. And it’s a great game for those that don’t have huge amounts of time to dedicate to a role playing game like D&D. So if you ever want to play with me some time, let me know because I’d love to play again!

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