What I like Wednesday: Dyed deviled eggs

For Easter, I made deviled eggs. The cool thing about them? Elisabeth and I dyed the egg whites!

2013-03-31 11.47.42First, I baked the eggs instead of boiling them. I followed Greetings from the Asylum’s blog for that. It was so easy, 325° for 30 minutes. Put eggs in a bowl of cold ice water, peel eggs after 10 minutes. Then I dyed the eggs (after cutting them in half and scooping out the yolk). My dye mixture was water, vinegar, and food coloring (if I remember correctly it was 2 cups water, 1 or 2 teaspoons vinegar and multiple drops of food coloring). Egg whites stayed in for about 2 minutes.

Although I’m not a huge fan of deviled eggs, I LOVED making these and am definitely going to dye boiled eggs again. I’ll just find a different use for them this time! Perhaps in a salad?

2013-03-31 11.47.46


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