What I like Wednesday: My new apartment!

2013-06-15 18.29.56Two weekends ago, Gene and I moved into a new apartment. This one is closer to Gene’s work and is way nicer than our first place.

First, our kitchen is amazing. In the old place, we only had two cabinets. See how many we have now! And we have so much more counter space, it is absolutely amazing. The picture to the left isn’t accurate of how our kitchen looks now because we got rid of many of the items on the counter, they’re either now hanging up or in the pantry. Which, by the way, our pantry is bigger too! We used to keep cans of food on the carpet at our old place, no need to here!

2013-06-15 18.02.49I really like our balcony as well. We lived on the first floor in the previous apartment so I never felt like I could sit out there and just enjoy the day. But now that we’re on the second floor, there is so much more privacy that I have no problem going out there! Our balcony is larger than the old one too. I can’t wait to put some plants out to make it a bit more secluded and beautiful.

We have a gas fireplace in the living room, which is cool. And we were able to put the desks and the TV in the same room, so our bedroom feels pretty empty now that there’s just a bed and a bookcase in there. But even with all the items in the living room, it still feels pretty open. In fact, Gene keeps his bike in the entryway!

Our apartment has awesome amenities too. We have our own private lake, an amazing gym, a little movie theater, a cafe/restaurant, pools and hottubs, and activities. I’m so thrilled to be here, I’m going to have a great time here! So come visit me if you want, I’d love to show you around!

2013-06-13 09.11.07

3 thoughts on “What I like Wednesday: My new apartment!

  1. I LOVE your apartment!! And you did such a nice job of decorating. It’s very “homey”. Enjoy, enjoy!!
    oh, this is from mom

  2. When Dan saw the pictures, he started asking me a million questions, “HOW MUCH IS IT? HOW BIG? HOW MUCH DO LAUREN & GENE MAKE?” and let me know that if I can have a plan I’m really into, he’d gladly quit his job and move back to the states with me. THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING HIM WITH YOUR MOVE, LAUREN!! haha (and I love your place, oh my gosh!!!!)

    1. I think Gene gave you the info but if he didn’t, let me know. I have no problem trying to convince you to move over here! 😀 No pressure of course, if you want to stay in Korea I’m all for it. I’m still gonna visit one day, job stuff just gets in the way.

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