Day hike: Meyer Ranch Open Space

2013-06-23 14.03.37A couple of weekends ago, Gene and I went on a roughly 5 mile hike at Meyer Ranch Open Space. It’s a hike off of highway 285, a bit past Red Rocks. The hike took us two hours.

The first half of the hike was all up hill. For some reason, I had gotten the idea that we were going to hike in some meadows, so I wasn’t expecting this. It wasn’t too bad, though I did get a bit out of breath at times.

It was a pretty trail, but you could hear traffic the whole time, which is a bummer. There weren’t any breathtaking views either. It’s a good place for a free, afternoon hike. And it’s so close to the Denver area that one can almost forgive the noise. There were a few picnic spots towards the beginning of the trail, so it could possibly be a nice lunch spot too.

2013-06-23 15.16.55

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