Half day!

2013-07-12 19.19.30Today I got to leave work at 2pm. Because of all the overtime I had two weeks prior, my boss gave me a half day! Yay! I really like only working 4 hours a day. It’s quite nice.

After work I had lunch with Gene at a Mexican restaurant called Benny’s. It’s just down the street from Gene’s work so we walked there. I had a beef burrito and a cripsy relleno. It was average Mexican food. The burrito had ground beef, which wouldn’t be my first choice, but it did have a lot of meat so that’s a plus. I really liked their rice and salsa.

Went home after that and painted my nails. Lately I’ve been wanting to do that, but I only had clear nail polish, so the last time I was at King Soopers, I bought some blue polish. I originally wanted a bright pink/peach, but I decided that I should branch out a bit and try something crazier. So blue it is. Nail polish can look pretty…bright on me because my skin is so white. And because my fingers and nails are both a bit longer than the average person, sometimes nail polish makes my hands look a bit odd. But that didn’t stop me today! I think I like the color. I did buy nail polish remover so thankfully I have the option of taking it off any time I want.

Just finished making some veggie casserole so I am going to go have some of that. I hope it’s good!

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