Social experience: Punch Bowl Social

Huge "deer head" on wall.
Huge “deer head” on wall.
Skee ball, deck ball, foosball, and more
Skee ball, deck ball, foosball, and more

Some of Gene’s coworkers had a get together yesterday evening at a restaurant called Punch Bowl Social. They serve food and drinks, have a really cool atmosphere, and have games. You can bowl, play ping pong, shoot pool, have a game of foosball, and a couple other activities.

I had never been there before so I’m glad we went. It was the first time that I met some of his coworkers, minus one woman. I’ve realized as I grow older, that I’m way more socially awkward than I thought I was. Maybe I just don’t care as much, or maybe I’ve become more of a turtle, but I just find it difficult more and more often to start and keep a conversation with new people. With my really close friends, we can just hang on our computers and we’re cool. We talk when we want to talk and are silent the rest of the time. And it’s comfortable. But I feel like I can’t, and am not supposed to, do that with other people. So, I stared a lot last evening. But it really wasn’t all that horrible. People did talk to me and I talked to them.

Part of the problem is that the music in the restaurant was really loud. I quite dislike when restaurants or bars just crank up the volume. If I’m going to try to not be a social pariah then it would be way easier for me if the music was low so everyone could hear.

I got some pretzels and cheese sauce, which was pretty good. Everyone else (except Gene of course) got drinks. We stayed for an hour and a half so I’d say I did really well. We left as everyone else was going up to play pool. You have pay money to play any of the games, which, makes sense but also is really stupid in my opinion. I would like to go back though, but during the day, when hopefully it’s more quiet. It’s in Denver but not in the middle of downtown so there was free parking and an actual parking lot.

It’s a cool place so check it out if you’re ever in Denver.


One thought on “Social experience: Punch Bowl Social

  1. Hey Lauren. This is Jes from Gene’s work. I’m glad you came out that night! But you are right, it was hard to talk at Punch Bowl. We should do something again soon. 🙂

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