Day 1: Post a day for a year

I’ve been contemplating posting everyday for a year, for a week or so now. The small OCD part of me told me I couldn’t start until August 1st because, duh, that makes way more sense. And although I do still believe that, I’m saying “screw it”, because part of me posting everyday is to improve upon myself and be more spontaneous and enjoy life more, so why not? So here is my first post of 365 straight posts.

I want a new kind of challenge in my life and I think this is a great one. There may be times when I can’t write a blog post because of lack of a computer and/or internet access. I will, however, try to plan ahead and schedule posts if need be or maybe publish multiple posts in one day to “make up for it”. Point is, I’m going to try my hardest to not skip out on a day.

Gene suggested I start with only writing a post a day for a month. But I told him I had already done that and I dismissed the idea. He might be right, but I’m afraid I’m not listening to him in this instance. I will be the one to blame if I fail.

I hope to explore who I am and what I like. I want to do stuff and have fun and tell jokes and learn interesting facts.

So, let’s see where this goes!

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