Day 2: What I like Wednesday: Nathan Fillion shirt

Everyones wish pt. 5 by PaulMaharA couple of weeks ago, Gene and I re-watched the Firefly series. At one point, I told Gene that I was sorry, but I had a crush on Nathan Fillion. I mean, who wouldn’t, he was amazing as Mal and fantastic as Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible. Also, he’s part of an organization called Kids Need to Read to support reading and provide books to those places that need it. /swoon

The very next day, Gene found this shirt. Is that great timing or what? He so graciously shared the link with me and even offered to buy it, although I did decline. I’d feel bad having him buy a shirt that says I wish he was someone else. So I’ll probably buy it myself! 😉 

Now I just need to buy it and wear it so Nathan will see me and ask me out on a non-romantic date. That would be one of my dreams come true. 


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