Day 3: Oh the lovely DMV

Really wish the DMV would just disappear forever. The waits are so long, they’re never open when I want them to be, and every time I end up spending a lot of money. Shouldn’t they want to make life as easy as possible so people won’t skip out on renewing their registration or getting a license plate?

I went to the DMV this past Tuesday because I needed new tags for my car. I left my apartment around 7:40 am because I was so positive the wait would be at least an hour. I wanted to get there around 8, when it opened, so I could try to get a good spot in line. I had the GPS take me to the place because I had never been there before. I should have known that the GPS would have screwed me over (it’s done it a lot lately), but I figured it would have no problem getting me to a common building…

I drove around for almost 20 minutes trying to find this place. The GPS had me turn right when I really should have turned left. Thanks GPS. I was getting pretty stressed and upset. I even tried using my phone’s 3G to use Google Maps, but even though the 3G was on, Maps wouldn’t load. I think technology hated me that day. So I just kept driving around and somehow found the place by random chance.

I got my ticket and saw that only 10 other people were in front of me. So I felt much better.  I waited a bit, and then a guy asked me if I was waiting for renewing my tags. I told him yes and he gave me his ticket! He had gotten the wrong one so he didn’t need it. It was the very next number in line!

That random act of kindness made my entire dreadful morning melt away. He didn’t have to give me his ticket, but he did. So I thanked him profusely and got my new tag. I was going to give my ticket to someone but the woman at the counter made me put it in the bucket. So I decided that I needed to do a random act of kindness to someone else to pass on the happiness.

And that very evening I feel like I had my chance. While walking around the lake, I passed a woman whose shoelace got all tied up in her bike pedal. I asked if I could help and I ended up unraveling the lace because she had a hip problem. Maybe it wasn’t exactly random, but it was a kindness and I’m glad I was able to assist. She was very happy, which is all that matters.

So maybe the DMV isn’t as horrible as I thought. But it’s still pretty bad.

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Oh the lovely DMV

    1. I’m glad you like my blog! I’m hoping that writing everyday will help me have a more interesting and daring life. Haha. Also help me become a better writer!

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