Day 6. Social Outing: Cici’s Pizza

Yesterday I went to dinner with Kaitlin, Kevin, Gene, Kevin’s sister Anna, and some of my coworkers and their family. I had invited everyone to meet up at Cici’s Pizza to just have a nice evening. I wanted to hang out with people outside of work.

I had a lot of fun. It would have been better if Cici’s had a party room because we had 18 people show up. But we made it work as best we could.

I really like Cici’s macaroni and cheese pizza. It may sound odd and gross but oh my goodness I could eat that all the time. As Gene likes to put it, it’s “carbs on carbs.” Their bread sticks, both the long ones and the garlic curled ones, are delicious as well. Oh, and their spinach and alfredo pizza is great too. For a buffet it’s a pretty decent one, you just have to keep going back because the pizza slices are pretty small.

I stayed there for 2 1/2 hours, which to me is pretty awesome. We all eventually stopped eating and were just chatting, so hopefully Cici’s didn’t get too upset. At least we all paid for dinner so we should be able to stay.

Right now Cici’s is having a $5 buffet deal so if you live near one and want to go out, this a great place to do so.

I’m so happy that my coworkers and I all get along. I hope we all get to hang out again another time!

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