Day 8. I have a plant!

plant1Throughout this spring/summer I have gone through phases where I wanted to buy flowers and plants for my apartment. I really enjoy plants and think they make a place much more enjoyable and relaxing. But because of money, time, and stress it just never happened.

This past weekend, Gene and I went to Lowe’s to look for some plants that help filter the air. Gene often feels like the air here is much more polluted than where he used to live (which is likely correct). This affects his sinuses and he wakes up many days with a runny nose. So I looked up some plants that help take pollutants out of the air.

At Lowe’s, we only ended up finding one plant that I liked. It was very difficult to find most of the plants on the list I had made. The ones we did find did not look that healthy to me. So we ended up with just one plant, a dracaena marginata, aka a red-edged dracaena. I got a little pot for it too.

Although I do wish I had gotten more plants, I will be content with this one for now. I would like to go to a nursery and look for the other plants on my list, but that will have to wait for another weekend. In the meantime, I will enjoy my new little plant!


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