Day 10. Thoughts of the day

So, the schedule-loving, list-making part of me wrote up a schedule of blog post ideas for two weeks. Day 2 of my writing every day and I had a two week schedule. I felt a bit sad about that at first, because this whole 365 day experience is supposed to be about me being a bit more spontaneous and living in the moment more. And I already failed on day 2. But, it’s not really failing. It’s just me being myself, and that’s great. So maybe this writing every day thing is going to be more about me being myself and growing at the same time. I like that.

I took my car to the mechanic today because, for the past 9 or so months, the airbag light has been coming off and on for a minute here and a minute there. Found out that the sensor in the passenger seat is malfunctioning. So I get in a car crash and there’s a passenger with me, it’s possible the airbag won’t go off for them. The place I went to can fix it, but for $1400. Sigh. It’s definitely more than I was wanting to pay. But I think I’ll eventually pay for it, or maybe find somewhere that is a bit cheaper. I need to do some research. It’s just a huge bummer that this happened to my car because I really wanted to trust it. I wanted to trust in my car and know that it was safe and not going to fall apart on me on the highway. Stupid cars. I am so ready for a self-driving electric car. Not that those couldn’t break, mind you, but for some reason I would trust it way more.

I guess those are my thoughts right now. Not every post has to be amazing! 😉

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