Day 13. Renaissance Festival

I was trying to look sad
I was trying to look sad

Yesterday I went to Colorado’s Renaissance Festival. Although it was rainy throughout the day, that did not ruin the fun. We spent four hours there and watched three different shows.

The first show we saw was a Celtic music group. That was a lot of fun. I absolutely love listening to drums and the majority of instruments were drums so it was perfect for me. They were great musicians and somewhat funny comedians. I liked how they all wore kilts.

We walked around the festival and looked at many of the shops. One of the downsides to this fair is that everything, and I mean everything is way over priced. Jewelry is $20 or $30 dollars. One turkey leg is $6.50. Clothing is $100 or more. I know that the people there need to make money, but to me, it’s ridiculous. I honestly don’t know how they make anything with prices so high. The items for sale aren’t that amazing either.

Even with everything being expensive, it is nice to walk around. I enjoy seeing the costumes and people dressed up. I also like it when all the royalty walk through the fair grounds. It’s like a mini parade and everyone steps aside and pauses to see the upper class pass by.

The knights in the royalty parade
The knights in the royalty parade

We got to see the knights jousting later on in the afternoon. That was quite fun, I got really into it. The little kids around me were so cute when they would cheer for the knights. The last show we saw was belly dancing. I couldn’t really see because of the woman in front of me, but from what I could see it looked like the girls were talented. They were at least very pretty, which is probably important when getting tips from the audience.

2013-07-27 15.31.44
The beautiful iris

At one point, Gene bought an iris for me. It is so beautiful and was so nice of Gene. For lunch I got a sausage on a stick and macaroni and cheese on a stick. Both were fantastic, partly because I was so hungry and partly because they were $4 each so they better be good. I had never had fried mac n cheese before so I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was little triangles of mac n cheese battered and fried. Yum.

The Ren Festival is expensive but if you stay for more than two hours I’d say it’s probably worth it. See a few shows, splurge on a food item or too, and delight in all the sights. The festival is open for only one more weekend, August 3-4, so go while you can or wait until next year!

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