Day 14. Gene’s haircut

I cut Gene’s hair for the first time yesterday. I’ve never really been gung-ho about cutting his hair. I’d much rather a hairstylist do it because she would do a better job. But Gene dislikes hair cuts and spending money on them so he convinced me to do it.

He bought a $20 razor kit, which, as he pointed out, would pay for itself almost right away. After watching a how-to video and reading the instructions I started shaving his head.

Here’s my thoughts during the process:

“Okay, I can do this. I read the instructions, I can do this.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m about to shave off his hair. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I’m gonna go for it. I’m just going to start.”

“This isn’t going too bad. It looks pretty good actually.”

“Oh geeze, I don’t know what I’m doing. This is not going to turn out well. You can see a line. I thought I was doing it so you wouldn’t see a line.”

“Oh crap, I just shaved off most of his hair by his ear. Dang it. Well, better do the other side so it’s equal.”

“Oh gosh, why does this ear razor thing exist? It’s stupid.”

“What am I supposed to do with these bangs?! Why am I doing this?!”

“It’s too  late now, just cut hair and go with it.”

“Eh, it turned out okay.”

So, his hair cut isn’t horrible. The hair on the top of his head is longer than the back, which I don’t like, but it’s not irreversible at least. His stupid cowlick is very annoying, and probably always will be. I count it as a win since I didn’t take out chunks of his hair. It’s not perfect, but it is my first time. With a little more trial and error I think I can do his haircuts for a long time to come!

Update 8/4/2013: Go here to see pictures of Gene’s haircut. This is one week after, when I had trimmed his hair a bit more. So it’s not how it originally looked when I cut it, but those are the only pics I have!

2 thoughts on “Day 14. Gene’s haircut

    1. Haha, this is pretty much exactly what my mom said! I trimmed his hair today a bit more so I posted pictures of that. It looks better than it did last week, although last week’s cut wasn’t actually that horrible.

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