Day 18. Friday Review: Cheesy Garlic Bread Potato Chips.

    I have been looking for these chips since I heard they were one of the three new flavors Lays was trying out.

It has taken me months to find these, and I’m still amazed I was able to find them. I had begun to think that these chips never existed. Or that perhaps they were just so horrid that they were taken off the shelves immediately. That didn’t make much sense to me though, because the Chicken and Waffle chips were obviously way more disgusting than the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips would be. I will never eat those chips again. They smelled horrible and they tasted just as gross. It was a creative idea, but a very bad final product.

So, now that I have found the chips I most wanted to try, I have to give a review of them.

They are good. They’re not as amazing as I thought they would be, so that’s a bit disappointing, but they are decent chips. The flavor is very subtle. I would have liked it to be a bit stronger. I’d say it’s a bit more cheese than garlic, but that’s not too bad. The chips have a powdery texture to them, which I’m not a  fan of but it’s not a huge deterrent.

I would buy them again, but they’re probably not going to be my first choice. I am glad I tried them and I do think they deserve to win the Lays’ Flavor Competition. I wish they tasted more like garlic bread however, but hey, it’s a chip so it did what it could.

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