Day 20. Weekend thus far.

My friend, Edward, came to visit yesterday evening. I have known him since before I was in 1st grade. Pretty sure he’s the longest friend I’ve had. We hung out at my apartment for a bit because he came in later than expected (traffic) and then we met up with my parents at Smashburger for dinner. I had never been there before. It’s decent food. I liked the hamburger, except I wasn’t a huge fan of the Smashburger sauce. It was a bit too strong for me, maybe a bit too spicy? I’m not sure what it is but next time I”ll just have ketchup. I liked their Smashfries, which are french fries with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic, but I think I’d get regular fries next time. They also have sweet potato fries which were good and flash fried carrot sticks and green beans. I really liked those. The carrots were my favorite, slightly soft with some salt and ranch…mmm.

Edward spent the night so I had a great time catching up and laughing about many things. This morning we hung around until a man from Dish came over to install my new receiver! 😀

It’s true folks, this apartment actually is facing the right direction with nothing blocking the way! It took him 2 1/2 hours but the final result is that I can now watch the Food Network (among other things)! I also got the Hopper with Sling, so I can record channels, skip commercials on Prime Time shows, and watch tv on my phone (once I install the app). I’m pretty excited and I’m sure my boss will be happy that I finally got the product that I help sell. Hahaha.

Then I trimmed Gene’s hair a bit more to my liking. I am posting pictures now since his hair is much more normal looking. I had grown used to the hair cut I gave him last week, but I still like this new trim way better! Practice makes perfect.

2013-08-04 15.26.36

2013-08-04 15.27.36

2013-08-04 15.27.40

2013-08-04 15.27.30

And now I have a chuck roast cooking in the crock pot (thanks Kaitlin and Kevin!), have just finished playing Terraria, a computer game, with Gene and Sidney, and am about to go on a walk. A very nice Sunday it has turned out to be!

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