Day 21. My heart rate.

I try to go to the gym three or four times a week. Just for 30 minutes or so before work. Fairly often I use an elliptical machine. Whenever I am on one, I try to get it to determine my heart rate. But the majority of the time, the little heart icon just keeps blinking and a number never appears.

 Why is that? Is my pulse not strong enough? Does it think I’m a dead person? Do my fingers not have enough fat on them? Am I too sweaty? 

I find it odd that it’s so hard for an elliptical machine to tell my heart rate. And I get on different machines too. I thought at first that might be the issue. I’ve tried different hand positions as well.

 I am able to get it to work every once in a while, but whenever it does work, my heart rate is either really high (around 175) or really low (around 65). So that ends up confusing me and making me wonder if I’m some really unhealthy, crazy person whose heart rate changes rapidly. When my heart rate is up to around 175 I’m usually not panting or gasping for breath, so it makes me wonder how accurate this machine is. Is that the heart rate I’m supposed to have when exercising? I think around the 170s might be a good target heart rate, I’ll have to check that out some time. So maybe the machine is accurate. Hmmm…

 I guess I’ll just keep on going to the gym and try to find out my heart rate and see what happens. Can’t hurt, can it?

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