Day 24. Whelp.

My brain has been unable to come up with an interesting, or even semi-interesting topic for today’s blog post.

Work was busy. I was by myself from 2:45pm on, which is usually not the case so it was a bit more work for me than normal. Not too many hiccups occurred, thankfully, but it was a non-stop evening.

On my way home, the weather decided to be moody and it rained and hailed…a lot. Certain parts of the road were so full of water I thought my car had the possibility of getting stuck. Thankfully all those parts were in my apartment complex and I was able to actually get to my building. Surprisingly the storm is still going on, although it has calmed down a bit, at least where I am. Usually storms in Colorado don’t last that long, perhaps this one has been building up for a bit.

Gene is sick right now. Just a bit of a cold. He usually doesn’t get sick though. So far I’m not sick, which makes me very happy that I’m able to fight it. Fingers crossed my body continues to work for me.

Now I’m gonna go watch some random YouTube videos. Perhaps some of the science ones the video from yesterday links to? Who knows!

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