Day 28. On the road to recovery.

2013-08-12 19.54.55I already feel better than I did yesterday. Part of it is because I took an ibuprofen earlier, part of it is because I’ve been drinking a lot of water and slept off and on for 11 hours last night, and part of it is because I scared my body. That’s right, my body saw how upset I was with it and it snapped into shape. It knows I have plans and that I can’t deal with a long cold at the moment. Thank you body, now don’t regress during the night.

2013-08-12 20.17.31Gene was so nice this evening as to cut up some veggies before I got home from work. I had told him earlier that I wanted homemade vegetable soup for dinner so he started preparing it without me even asking! Look at all those delicious looking vegetables to the right. I just love seeing all those colors. So we made some vegetable soup and had some garlic bread and it was a very tasty, warming meal. Next time I will add more chicken granules to it because the soup was a little bland. But I figure bland is probably good for me right now because earlier this morning I had an upset stomach.

I cooked some pasta separately and we added however much we wanted to our own bowls. Now I have a lot of pasta leftovers too, might have to make some homemade mac n cheese!

One of my coworkers is also sick. I think I was the one to get her sick. So I feel a tad bad. Maybe I’ll bring her some leftover soup tomorrow. Let’s just hope our third coworker can stay away from the two of us and beat the cold.

In other news, I got off on time today! This is the first time in four weeks that I have gotten off on time on a Monday. So that made me quite happy. Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening by lounging in my robe, watching some tv, and maybe eating a Snickers!


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