Day 30. What I like Wednesday: Superhero Tutus

Robin superhero costumeLook how cute those superhero tutus are? I like how simple they are. And the colors on the Robin costume are fantastic. Now I just want one for myself.

These tutus are becoming more and more popular, at least in so far as that I see them more often on places like Pinterest. Usually I only see them on little girls, which of course is cute but I’d like one. The few I have seen on older girls didn’t look as good. Bummer.

I think I could make my own tutu costume. It doesn’t seem like it would be too advanced. I just need to figure out what superhero I want to do it of. Perhaps I’ll make a lot of different ones for myself!

I found the tutus pictured above from a seller on Etsy called Sofia’s Couture Designs. It looks like she makes a lot of different costumes for little girls, some of which are a bit inappropriate in my opinion, but that’s not the point of this blog.

Anyways, I think superhero tutus are a fun idea and a new spin on dressing up. I think they could be great for all ages and I plan on making one some day!

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