Day 32. I have my own spaceship!

2013-08-14 09.08.08I’m a Firefly fan. That should be fairly obvious by now if you’ve read a good portion of my blogs and/or you’ve known me since I’ve become even more of a geek.

So when Gene found a decal of the Firefly spaceship, Serenity, I bought it. It was an impulse buy but I don’t regret it because I now have my very own Serenity.

We put it up in our living room above our couch. It wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, but I’m still very happy with it. I hung some white Christmas lights around the ship to frame it a bit. I think perhaps one day I’ll put it on a painted wood board to make it stand out even more. Maybe a dark red?

Point of this post? I love being a geek and I think everyone should embrace his geeky side!

2013-08-14 09.09.40

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