Day 41. Disneyland Recap Part 3.

2013-08-19 12.32.47Final day at Disneyland!

Last Monday we were only able to go to Disneyland during the morning because my flight back to Denver was at 5 pm. But although we didn’t get to do very much, I still had a great time.

We slept in a little bit that day and arrived at Disneyland maybe around 9, I think? We took a horse-drawn carriage over to the castle, which was both relaxing and enjoyable. Then we went over to Tarzan’s tree-house (originally the Swiss Family Robinson’s) where we got to climb around and see scenes from the Tarzan movie.

Elisabeth with the mustache monocle I got her.
Elisabeth with the mustache monocle I got her.

We made a brief stop over to Toon Town, but it was aimed more at children so we left soon after to go on the Monsters Inc ride in California Adventure. The wait was longer than it should have been for how good the ride was. It was fun, but it wasn’t my favorite ride. It wasn’t very well lit, which is fine, but it meant that I didn’t get decent pictures. My pictures were either too dark or blurry from movement. I did like how the outside of the building looked though.

We got to have our pictures taken with Stitch after that. Because Becky used her Disney visa to buy the passes into the park, we got a free picture with a character, which just happened to be Stitch that day. They are supposed to get a free print of our picture, but we didn’t have enough time to get it when we were there so Elisabeth is gonna see if Ariane can pick it up for them.

Stitch with the whole gang!
Stitch with the whole gang!

We quickly went over to the Silly Symphony Swings ride before we had to start heading back to the car. I had never been on one of those swing rides before but it looked like fun. It was hot too so I thought it would be nice to get some breeze. I didn’t like the ride as much as I thought I would. It dipped me more than I wanted and it went really fast and I was at a weird angle. I’m not sure I’d go on it again but I am glad I tried.

We each bought a “world’s largest corndog” after that. It was a huge corndog, no denying that. That was a delicious corndog, I wish I had one of those right now. We got to catch a bit of the Pixar Parade too before we left. Saw some Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles characters. I’d say that was a decent way of ending my trip to Disneyland.

2013-08-19 14.28.52My flight back was fairly uneventful. Instead of a little kid kicking my seat I had a fat adolescent boy banging on it. What can I say, I’m just lucky. The girl sitting next to me ended up talking to me as we were landing. She asked me my age and I told her 25 (even though I’m 24, not sure how I came up with 25). Her response? “Oh, I thought you were way younger than that.” Um, how am I supposed to take that? The way she said it was a bit demeaning, but she is only 16 so she doesn’t have developed social skills quite yet. So I’ll just take it as a compliment and a sign that when I’m much older I’ll still look young.

And so ends my trip to California and Disneyland.¬†Overall I had a fantastic trip. I feel so privileged to have been able to go. I’m so glad I got to spend my time there with Elisabeth and Becky. I bought a lot of awesome things, had a lot of great food, rode on a lot of wonderful rides, and spent time with lovely people. I look forward to the next time!

2013-08-18 08.01.15

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