Day 44. What I like Wednesday: clouds

Recently we’ve been having a lot of beautiful clouds here in Colorado, especially in the evening. They aren’t always the white, fluffy kind either. They can be pink, they can be dark blue or grey. They can be fluffy, they can be long and smooth. There were some pretty clouds yesterday on my way home from work. And sometimes when Gene and I walk in the evenings the clouds are just fantastic. I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of clouds though. I’m not sure a picture would do these clouds justice anyway.

So go outside tonight or tomorrow or this weekend, and look at the clouds. Because there are so many shapes and sizes and colors that it’s never the same. Take a moment and look at the sky and relax and appreciate the world. Celebrate the fact that the world is so huge and you are so small. Try to find interesting shapes, be creative. And then go back inside to your daily life. But remember to look at the clouds every so often because it’s important to stop once in a while. And it’s important to treasure the world around you.

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