Day 50. Botanic Gardens and Taste of Colorado

BotanicGarden03On Saturday, Fiona, Gene, and I went to downtown Denver to have a bit of fun. First we went to the Botanic Gardens on York Street. I adore the Botanic Gardens. The admission isn’t too expensive ($13 for the entire day, come and go) and there’s always something to look at and take pictures of. I borrowed my dad’s camera for the weekend so I was able to get some very nice pictures.

We stayed there for about two hours. It was hot so we didn’t hang around for very long. We heard an employee of the gardens tell a visitor that there were five weddings going on that day in the Botanic Gardens. And Fiona saw a sign for a bar mitzvah so they were also having one of those. Even though the gardens are beautiful, it was just so hot that I can’t imagine getting married there, at least not at this time of year. I later attempted to look up how much it would cost to have a wedding there but the website did not provide the price. Must be expensive.

BotanicGarden13There were a lot of gorgeous and interesting flowers when we went. We went at a great time, when most of the flowers were in bloom. There were new art installations as well since the last time I was there, so that was interesting. One of the installations reminded me of Legos. Gene thought it looked more like Tetris.

After the Botanic Gardens we headed over to the Taste of Colorado. I hadn’t been since I was a child and I wanted to try it out. It was $10 for 15 tickets, and each food item cost a certain amount of tickets. The lowest price I saw was 3 tickets, and those were just samples. I ended up getting a fantastic frozen strawberry lemonade, which I devoured, and a bit of food. I got some chocolate covered bacon for me, Fiona, and Gene to try. Personally I thought there was a bit too much chocolate, it covered the taste of the bacon more than I would have liked. I’m glad I tried it though, very interesting idea. I also tried a lumpia, a fried egg roll pretty much. That was really tasty. And for my main course I got some noodles with veggies and teriyaki chicken. Overall Gene spent $20 on all of that, which to me is a bit much. The food was good, but maybe not that good.

BotanicGarden22Fiona tried some fried alligator with her tickets. She said it tasted like a mix between chicken and shrimp. I chose not to have a bite but Gene had some.

Taste of Colorado was crowded, hot and expensive. It was fun to experience it and walk around but I probably won’t go next year. There are also booths selling items like clothes, toys, and trinkets. Fiona bought some hot sauce for a friend’s birthday.

We went back to the apartment after that, hung out at the pool for a bit and then had dinner at Hacienda to celebrate my dad getting a job. It was a busy day but a lot of fun.

To see more of my pictures from the Botanic Gardens click here to see my Google+ album.

3 thoughts on “Day 50. Botanic Gardens and Taste of Colorado

  1. Love the Denver Botanic Gardens! I recently went back to them too, and I was surprised at how much they actually have there. P.S. How awesome would it be to have a wedding in the indoor greenhouse area? Haha!

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