Day 52. Fiona Visits: Rocky Mountains

rockymountains01On Sunday, Fiona, Gene, and I went to the Rocky Mountains. We didn’t have a chance to go up there the last time Fiona came so I wanted to make sure we went this time. Overall it was a very lovely day.

We drove up to Grand Lake and hung out there for a little bit before going hiking. We went down to the lake and got some ice cream and chili cheese fries. It’s a must when you go to Grand Lake. There were so many people at the lake. Grand Lake has gotten way more popular throughout the years. After our snack we went up to the candy store where Gene and I got caramel apples for later. Another must when visiting Grand Lake!
We headed up to the Rocky Mountain National Park after that. First we went to the Timber Creek trail where we hiked for two hours. It rained on us off and on, which was a bit of a bummer. It helped keep us cool so at least that is a plus. And none of us got too soaked to ruin the trip.


We saw so many mushrooms on that hike. I believe it is the most mushrooms I have ever seen. They were everywhere. There were a lot of different types too. I think it was a good hike for Gene because he took a mushroom class, so he was able to utilize his knowledge and teach me about all the different types of mushrooms. There were some really pretty ones. Some were such a vibrant yellow, others were red. Some were in very odd shapes. We even saw some puff ball mushrooms, which I had never heard of before. I took a lot of pictures of mushrooms on that hike.

rockymountains02We went to Coyote Trail after that. It’s a beautiful trail and it’s handicap accessible. There are some fantastic views of meadows on that walk. So we walked around there for a bit, I took more pictures and Fiona found the perfect Christmas tree. As we were getting back into the car to head to the next place, we saw a young moose coming down from the road. She didn’t stay very long but I was able to take a few pictures of her. I love seeing all the animals in the park, it’s such a fun part of going up there.

Our last stop in the park was at the Bowen and Baker trail. The very beginning of this trail is just amazingly beautiful that I like to stop there every time I’m on that side of the park. Usually there are herds of elk in the meadows along the trail, but we didn’t see any this time. We hiked a bit on the trail, but hunting season had started and we weren’t exactly sure how close the hunters would be so we didn’t go far. We also wanted to do a bit more before the sun set and we didn’t have much more time.

grandlake01So we headed back towards Grand Lake. We took a quick detour to Grand Lake Lodge where we snapped a few pictures and went on our way. A wedding had just happened when we got there, which was really neat to see. I bet that place is expensive to get married. It’s not really ideal for those who like to wear uncomfortable dresses and high heels because you have to walk on a dirt path to get down to the ceremony area. It was a funny sight to see one of the guests make her way past us on the uneven, dirt path to get to the reception.

Our last hike in the mountains was at Adams Falls. This is another must when visiting Grand Lake because it’s a very short hike to get to a waterfall. The trail after the waterfall is beautiful and should be taken, but if you don’t have much time then stopping at the Falls is perfect.

bowenbaker01We drove to Winter Park after that and had dinner at a fancy little bistro. I had a delicious hamburger (the bun was amazing), Gene had a gyro, and Fiona had some wings and a salad. Then we hopped back in the car and drove home. I’m so glad that the pass is better than it used to be. I had no fear of driving off the mountain. It was very dark but it gave Fiona and Gene a chance to look at the stars and gave me a chance to try out my brights. (They work well.) We got home around 11 pm and I went to sleep soon after. It was an eventful day with lovely views and great people.

Click here to see more of my pictures from the Rocky Mountains.

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