Day 56. Jewelry from Africa

2013-09-09 20.14.37One of the security guards at my work just came back from a vacation in Africa, I believe Ghana. He had been gone for a month, so it was very nice to see him. He usually greets me in the morning when I come in to work so it was weird to not see him.

He came back today and brought gifts! He gave me and the other girls in my office some jewelry. I got a necklace and some beaded bracelets.

I really like the blue bracelet, but all of them are cool. I think it’s neat that they came from another country!

He also brought us all some chocolate. But it’s not normal chocolate, it was in little squares and it’s dry and hard. You have to suck on the chocolate for a while. It tasted a little like hot chocolate to me. I liked it.

I’m glad that people at my work get along.