Day 58. What I like Wednesday: Nature

I just really like flowers. I think I’ve liked them my whole life. That, and trees. I hugged a tree when I hiked in Grand Lake a couple weeks back. It was nice, I hadn’t done it in a long time. Sometimes I get the urge to hug a tree. It used to happen more often when I was younger, but it still happens on occasion. Maybe I’ll try to hug more trees from now on.

Flowers and trees. They’re peaceful. They’re pretty. They smell nice. I love the colors. I really enjoy bright colors, and flowers give that to me. Trees do as well, although their colors are more restricted.

I think that’s why I like Colorado and Washington. Because both places are green and colorful. I need color in my life and I need forests in my life.

Thank you nature for providing me a place to go and walk and breathe and relax and enjoy life. I heart you.


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