Day 60. Two months!

Today is my two month mark! I have to say that the second month went by much faster than the first one. I wonder if that trend will continue. Maybe my second month was more full of activities and fun things to talk about. I don’t have much going on in September so I hope that doesn’t affect the quality of my posts. Guess I’ll just get creative!

I have a new coworker now. She started yesterday. I like her so far, she seems to be a good fit with the rest of us. She also liked the brownies I brought to work today so that’s another plus in my book. 😉 She’s learning quickly, which means we’ll be able to get back into the swing of things (instead of training all day) faster. I’m optimistic.

The flooding is generally gone in the area I live in. Certain parts of roads and highways are still closed but the majority of streets are open. There are signs of the flooding from yesterday but it’s amazing to see the difference in just 24 hours. Many parts of Colorado are still having major issues though. Thankfully Colorado and the National Guard seem to be on top of things, as much as they can be at least.

So this weekend I will rest and possibly go shopping for some emergency supplies. The major dump of water has helped me realize that it’s probably a good idea for me to have some supplies on hand. Right now though, I’m gonna go have some dessert. Good night everyone.


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