Day 69. Weekend shopping

Yesterday I went shopping for a few things. I went to Jo-Ann and bought some craft supplies! I got stuff to make an autumn leaf. I started it earlier today but it’s going to take me a while. I’ll post about it once it’s done though. I’m already thinking about making a Christmas/winter wreath as well. I was on Pinterest the other day and saw this link to making winter gnomes. Might have to make some of those and some Christmas ornaments as well.

I met up with Kaitlin later and got some clothes at Old Navy. Right now they are having a huge sale: buy one top, get one 50% off. Pretty much every top is included in that sale. I got three tank tops and one shirt all for $25.  I hadn’t been to an Old Navy in a very long time. I really like their wife beater tank tops. They come in lots of different colors and they fit well. They have a lot of nice clothes at that store, and the prices are decent. I’m gonna have to go there more often.

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