Day 71. Game night

On Sunday, Gene and I went to the second Reddit Aurora game night. Shortly upon entering the game store, three young boys started talking to me about the games I had brought and asking me about Minecraft. A 7 year old boy was playing it on a phone and explained to me how he was killing cows over and over in order to get meat. I don’t remember why he needed so much but he was having a grand old time slaughtering. Eventually things got sorted out and the two youngest boys went and did other things while I, Gene, and a 12 year old boy played Cthulu Gloom.

I’ve played the original Gloom before, and actually own the game, but I had never played the Cthulu version so I was excited to try it out. It turned out to be a lot of fun for me. The boy was smart enough to play the game and actually knew way more about Cthulu than I do. He was even trying to help me during the game, which was so sweet. The two of us ended up tying while Gene was left with zero points. Gene was such a good sport for having to play with a kid.

We left shortly after the game ended because I wanted to go grocery shopping and didn’t want to stay out too late. I’ll definitely stay later next time so I can possibly play games with more than just a child. I had a fun time and am glad this is becoming a monthly thing!

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