Day 80. Review of Agents of SHIELD. SPOILERS

Warning: there are spoilers about the first two episodes.

Episode two aired this week. I think this show has a lot of potential. I love that there’s a show about the Avengers world. I love that the show mentions the Avengers and then moves on. I love that Agent Coulson is back. But there are a few things I’m iffy about and don’t quite like.

The first episode was okay. It didn’t really blow my mind, but part of that could be that I was looking for negative things about the show. The main image that sticks in my mind for the first episode was “darkness”. A lot of the scenes were just dark, and I’m not sure why. I don’t think it added to anything. I had a difficult time understanding the two scientists in the show as well. I think it was a combination of their accents and the speed at which they talked. They overlapped and interrupted each other often too which could have added to my confusion. I had an easier time in the second episode, but it was still a bit hard.

I’m not exactly 100% positive about the characters just yet. Most of the characters are so young and don’t really have any experience in battle or the Avengers world. However, no one would have much experience in the post-Avengers world so I can’t blame them for that. And their lack of experience in other fields could lead to some interesting situations.

I don’t like the mystery about Coulson’s injury. Gene suggested he could be a clone or a robot. I don’t know how I feel about those possibilities quite yet. I like Coulson, and I like him as a normal human. Although I do understand why having him be a clone or a robot would make sense, his injury in the Avengers movie was horrific, I’d much rather him have made a miraculous recovery (Tahiti is a magical place).

I don’t like how, at the end of episode two, Skye appears to still be with the Rising Tide group, the group that is against SHIELD. I can understand that the show needs an over arcing story-line, but I really hope this doesn’t last very long. I can’t handle a lot of drama and suspense. I just don’t like it, I think it’s almost always pointless and unnecessary. But I know that Joss Whedon is a fantastic writer and producer so for now I’m going to trust that the show knows what they’re doing.

As always, Joss’s shows are a perfect mix of serious and funny, suspense and calm. I look forward to future episodes.

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