Day 82. Eye doctor.

Got an eye exam today. It had been over a year since I last went so it was past due. While I was waiting to be seen, I realized I felt a kind of bond with all the people there, at least all the ones that wear glasses. I saw us all as nerds, joined together in the same endeavor: looking for our next pair of glasses. I know that not everyone in that office was a nerd, that’s just not possible, but my mind still created that thought.

Turns out I do need a new prescription. It’s not a huge difference from what I have now, but it’s visibly (haha) better. Because frames are so expensive, I decided to just have new lenses put in the frames I have now. I know of a few websites that sell glasses for way cheaper than the eye doctor (the pair I liked was $280) so I’m going to check those out too and maybe get some!

I ended up getting my eyes dilated, which was fine but seemed to affect my vision way more than it did last time. I could not focus on anything close up, even a foot or two in front of my face was very hard to focus. My pupils were so large, my eyes looked like eyes from an anime character.

So this is a reminder to everyone who has not been to the eye doctor in over two years, you should go. It’s really not that bad and being able to see is worth the price you’ll pay.

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