Day 83. Denver Nature and Science Museum: free day

2013-10-06 14.54.36One of my coworkers told me that today was a free day at the Nature and Science Museum so I decided that I should go! I really like that museum, and think a yearly trip should be had by everyone. I especially wanted to go because the museum has a permanent dinosaur exhibit so I wanted to see what they had to say about the animals I’m learning about.

Gene and I went around 2 pm so it was crowded with a lot of families. We first explored the Minerals and Gems exhibit, which neither of us had been to last time. There are so many beautiful crystals and rocks, the world never ceases to amaze me. The natural colors are so bright and varied. There were blues, greens, and reds that I thought were highly unlikely in the natural world. There was a mineral that was such a deep black it was hard to tear my eyes away.

The shapes of these crystals are so interesting as well. I didn’t read much about them because there were a lot of people and I felt the need to keep moving, but I enjoyed the exhibit nonetheless.

After leaving the gem mine we went to the dinosaur exhibit. We had been there before but I didn’t pay much attention last time, at least the information didn’t sink in, so I was excited to explore.

2013-10-06 15.02.05I really like this exhibit. The information was fantastic and, generally, appeared correct. The fossils were wonderful and the dinosaurs recreated from bones were amazing. I got to appreciate them so much more since I knew more about dinosaurs and their skeletons. I saw the fenestra and I saw the different shapes of hips (differentiating between ornithiscians and saurischians). I felt so proud of myself to be able to recognize certain bones and information.

I had a good time even though it was very busy. I’m just glad that Coloradans take advantage of free days and programs. That makes me proud to live in Colorado!

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