Day 85. Camera shopping

So I have been wanting a camera for a while now. My phone can take decent pictures, but it lacks a lot of what I like in a good quality photo. At first I thought I would get a dSLR because I got to try out my dad’s and I really liked it and I generally like photos taken from those cameras. However, after thinking about it a bit, I realized that I didn’t want to carry around a huge camera. It’s heavy, it’s big, and it gets in the way.

A couple of days ago I randomly stumbled upon a video about different cameras. I watched it last night and discovered a new type of camera, a compact camera. More specifically, a micro 4/3 camera (a subset of the compact camera). These cameras are much smaller than dSLRs but they also have interchangeable lenses. According to the video I watched, they have a larger sensor than a point and shoot camera, which I believe means the camera will take good pictures in low lighting.

It’s size, changeability, and options all make me think that this is the kind of camera I want to get. I started browsing around for them last night and they seem to range between the $250 and $700 range. I’m going to continue looking around but I love opinions on micro 4/3 cameras, or if another camera might be better. I’d like to keep it small, small enough to fit in a purse and preferably $500 or under.

I’m finally getting excited about buying a camera though, so that’s awesome. I was kinda dreading it because I don’t know much about cameras. But these micro 4/3s seem to be easy enough that I think it would work out really well!

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