Day 87. Fall Wreath: Complete!

I finally finished the fall wreath I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. It was actually pretty nice to be able to do a bit here and there when I felt like it. I attempted to follow my friend Katie’s instructions here. Mine turned out a little bit differently but that’s what crafting is all about, right! I really like the end result. It was easy and fun to make, and the materials were all relatively cheap. I got most of them on sale, so I really lucked out. If you’re interested in making your own I say go for it!

Here’s what I did:

2013-09-22 15.24.50Materials

  • 2 yards orange tulle
  •  1 yard brown tulle
  • 1 yard white/cream tulle
  • 1 styrofoam circle wreath
  • 1 bag of fake leaves
  • 1 bag of fake autumn plants
  • 1 roll of brown ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Scissors

2013-10-08 09.19.06Instructions

  1. Cut the tulle into strips. Throughout making this, I had many different sizes of strips (not on purpose). In the end, I would recommend longer strips, you can always cut them down after you’ve finished the wreath. The strips need to be long enough so they can tie around the wreath. My strips were about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide once I got the hang of it. Because my wreath was green (I’d suggest getting a white one) I folded my strips in half, length-wise and tied them onto the wreath that way. It helped to hide the green underneath.
  2. Tie on the tulle in any pattern you like. I ended up doing orange, white, brown, repeating. I just guessed at when to start the next color. Katie had a system where she did a certain amount of strips, which is probably a better idea. But again, since my wreath was green I had to keep putting tulle on top of tulle to hide the color.
  3. After covering the wreath with tulle, it’s time to decorate it! I used a hot glue to glue on the leaves and cattails onto the wreath.
  4. Finally, cut some ribbon and use it to hang the wreath on the wall. The length is however long or short you want it. I ended up sewing the two ends of my ribbon together. I was going to hang it on my door but because of a lack of hooks I ended up taping it to my hearth. Haha.

I like my wreath a lot! I’m gonna try to make sure it lasts so I can use it next year too!

2013-10-08 09.19.13

3 thoughts on “Day 87. Fall Wreath: Complete!

  1. Lauren, your wreath is really cute! I am envisioning it for different seasons too, with different colors and accessories. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly, you can make all different kinds. I think I’ll make a winter wreath but this time probably with yarn instead of tulle.

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