Day 88. Fun Fact Friday: Dinosaurs’ appearance

Dinosaurs have many interesting physical features. As time goes on and more discoveries are made, paleontologists are able to provide more information about what dinosaurs looked like.

Recently there has been a method of looking at feathers and determining what color it is. Scientists have discovered dinosaur feathers that could have been black or dark blue. There are others that could have been white and reddish-brown. However, no feathers have been discovered to have been green, blue, or red yet. So if you see a dinosaur with any of those colors, I’m afraid it is not scientifically accurate.

Dinosaurs did have spikes, however. These “spikes” are called osteoderms. Osteoderms are bones that develop within the skin. They helped protect dinosaurs from predators and may have been used to store calcium. You can see some osteoderms on the stegosaurus on the left.

And those are just two facts about dinosaurs’ appearance. Now go out there and sound smart!

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