Day 91. Autumn Desserts

2013-10-13 12.48.00My work is going to have a dessert competition on Halloween so yesterday, Lydia, Gene, and I made the treats I plan on making as a test round. They turned out both cute and delicious!

First we made pumpkin rice krispie treats. I found the recipe here. Follow the regular rice krispie treat recipe but before adding the rice krispies, add some food coloring into the melted marshmallows. We used liquid food coloring (red and yellow) but Lydia suggested that powder might work better. As you can see, the orange was very subtle in our treats.

Add the rice krispies to the colored marshmallows and let the mixture cool for a bit off of heat. Once the mixture is easily handled, roll into balls. Mold the balls into pumpkin shapes and add a tootsie roll for a stem. Voila. Be creative with the shapes, we had round ones, large ones, tall ones. We also played with the tootsie rolls and had them short and tall, skinny and thick, twisty and straight.

2013-10-13 12.48.09Then we made some acorns to garnish the pumpkins. Recipe found here. We took some chocolate frosting and “glued” a kiss to the underside of a mini Nilla Wafer. On top of the wafer we stuck a Reeses chip to complete the acorn look. The recipe we followed called for a butterscotch chip but I thought a peanut butter one would taste better. We made a few acorns with peanut butter instead of chocolate frosting. I think what I might do for the competition is use frosting between the wafer and the kiss and peanut butter between the wafer and the chip. Either way they were good!

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