Day 97. Cat friend

Just a bit ago I walked outside on my balcony to see if the temperature was warm enough to go on a walk. As I stepped outside, I saw a black shape and realized it was a cat sitting on one of our blue chairs. It took me by such surprise that I jumped back inside, shut the door and started cracking up with laughter.

After composing myself I went back out there to see the cat still sitting the chair, looking at me. Gene came out to see what was going on but went inside soon after. The cat ran off for a bit when Gene came out but once he went back inside I coaxed the cat back onto the balcony. Then I stayed out there for about five minutes just petting it. It’s a very friendly cat. And it’s been eating our big pumpkin that’s on the balcony. We had originally had the pumpkin by the front door but when we saw a scratch or bite mark on it, we decided to move it to the balcony so animals wouldn’t get to it. Guess this cat figured out where it was moved and has been taking little bites out of it since.

Well, I don’t mind because now I have a cat friend! I really hope he comes back cause I’d love to have a kinda sorta pet without having to do anything.

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