Day 98. Mile High Con

This past Saturday, Gene and I went to the Mile High Con here in Denver. It is a con that focus on the literary side of geekery but also discusses other geek interests like Joss Whedon and Doctor Who. It cost $22 just for Saturday admission but one could have bought a three day pass for $45 I believe.

We stayed there for a little over six hours and I enjoyed it. I listened to a panel about microfashion geekery where I learned about an awesome company that is going to make fantastic geek nail decals. They aren’t selling them now sadly but they’re going to start in 2014. They even have a steampunk set! That panel helped me to realize that I don’t need a fancy, large, expensive costume. I can make a costume out of little additions to my wardrobe. Made me excited for my steampunk outfit.

We visit the art room where one could bid on artwork and crafts. I liked that room because there was some great pieces. I put a bid on one interesting bowl but before we left for the day Gene checked and someone had outbid me. 😦 We also visited the dealer’s room where we saw our game night friends from reddit. That was nice to see them and talk to them for a bit. The guy may be the planner for Myths and Legends Con next year (another con) and asked if I’d be interested in running some board games. I said yes, so we’ll see how that goes!

I listened to a few other panels including one about NaNoWriMo so that helped me get a bit more pumped up for it. Everyone was really encouraging and positive and gave tips on how they write.

It was a fun afternoon and I’ll look into going next year as well. It would be nice if I had more friends to go with because I feel so awkward sometimes just standing around but as Gene pointed out, that’s what everyone does. This is a place for awkward people so I shouldn’t feel bad. He’s right!

I think it’s great that Colorado has so many geek and nerd conventions and that they’re so accessible to anyone who wants to go. There seems to be something for everyone here. I’m glad that I get to take advantage of living here!

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