Day 103. Laser Tag

This afternoon I played laser tag with two of my coworkers and Gene. Even though it was only a 15 minute game I had a lot of fun. I’ve never played laser tag as an adult so it was a new experience for me. After you pay for your ticket you get to choose a codename. I chose Cobra. It just popped into my head. One of my coworkers was Zombie Slayer and the other was Dominator. Gene was Genocide.

It was a free for all game and there were about thirty of us, mostly kids. I was nervous at first because this generally isn’t my kind of thing, but I got into it fairly quickly and was trying to shoot everyone. Some of the players were really smart, at least smarter than me. Some of the times I was shot I had no idea where the shot came from.

A young boy ended up winning the game. Gene got 5th place and I got 11th. We each got papers telling us who we shot and who shot us.

Fifteen minutes ended up being the perfect amount of time. People were getting tired and sweaty. I can’t really imagine playing a 30 minute game without breaks.

I would like to play again and the great thing is you don’t really need to make reservations so I think my coworkers and I will make it a fairly regular thing. I’m glad it worked out!

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