Day 104. Lazy Sunday

This morning I made huckleberry scones. Lydia had brought us some huckleberries when she came to visit a few weeks ago and I just now got around to using some! I like huckleberries a lot but they are so hard to find. I searched at one point online to see if anyone in Colorado sold them but I did not have any luck. I’ll have to search again. Gene’s dad, Dave, makes the best pie I have ever had, and it’s made with huckleberries. So when we got some I was thrilled.

The scones turned out to be really tasty. I could have put some more berries in there but I was being stingy the first time. You can go here to see the recipe for the scones. Just add some fruit when stirring in the milk.

After breakfast we lounged around for a bit and then ended up walking around the lake. It has been so pleasant these past few days that I forget it’s the end of October. Could Halloween actually be warm this year?

Later on in the afternoon we went to monthly game night. Got to play three games, all were fun. Got to talk to different people than last time so that was also nice. It’s good that different people come, although it seemed that all of them were in one way or another connected to the other moderator who started the game night. Really hoping that the Aurora community will start coming to this. Either way it’s a nice social time for me and it lets me play new games.

And now we’re back at home and I was watching another one of my dinosaur class videos, this week I get to learn about Earth’s history. So far it’s just a lot of eons I’m having to write down. Why does Earth have to be so fascinating? Haha. If only time travel were possible I would go back and see how earth was formed and life was created, oh that would be wonderful. For now I’ll just have to do with scientists explaining what happened.

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