Day 108. Happy Halloween!

2013-10-31 09.22.42Halloween was a lot of fun today at work. I dressed up in my updated steampunk outfit. Sadly, no one knew what steampunk was but I still enjoyed wearing my outfit. I’m excited to keep updating my costume, always something new to add or change!

All of my coworkers dressed up, which was really amazing, and made me quite happy. One was a pirate, one was a zombie, and the other was a scarecrow. The scarecrow is pretty scary, I didn’t recognize her at first. Her face was so creepy, I felt like wherever I was she was staring at me. The zombie was also a bit disturbing, she did her make up so well that it looked like skin was falling off her face. The pirate on the other hand was cute, I didn’t mind looking at her! Haha.

A decent amount of people dressed up, which was surprising, I didn’t think many were going to. One guy dressed up as Jack Sparrow, it was very impressive. We got everyone who dressed up together and took a picture. Then later on in the day we got some catered bbq for lunch. It was delicious and a nice treat.

We were supposed to have a dessert competition but only me and Jack Sparrow brought dessert. That was a bummer but thankfully I was having too much of a good day to let it get to me too much.

Hope you guys are having good Halloweens too!

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