Day 109. Fun Fact Friday: Killer Whales

Here are some more interesting facts that I learned on the British television show, QI. If you don’t watch it now, you should, it’s funny and educational.

Killer whales are the second best hunters in the world (humans are the first). They are misnamed, however, because they are not whales, they are actually dolphins. The show explained that the name came about possibly because of a mistranslation of Spanish. The Spanish were trying to say “whale killer” and somehow the two words got switched.

Killer whales are great hunters because of the methods they use to catch seals. Some try to tilt an ice flow so a seal is knocked off. If an ice flow is too large, multiple killer whales will line up side by side and swim under the flow, causing a wave to wash over the ice and push the seal into the water.

They have also been known to almost beach themselves in order to catch seals. The seals think they are free because the water is so shallow, but the killer whales swim right up and grab them.

So there are some fun facts about killer whales. Now go out there and sound smart!

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