Day 111. A poem for a stapler

A bit of back story: earlier in the week, one of my coworkers informed us that her pet rat had died. She seemed a little sad so I wrote a poem about her rat. I read it aloud and the girls seemed to like it. Fast forward to Friday, one of my other coworker’s stapler randomly decided to malfunction and break. The stapler was trashed and the coworker that had the rat made a tombstone for it. Then I was asked to write another poem, this time for a dead stapler. The following is the poem I wrote, I wanted to share because I quite like the poem.

Black as the night sky,
Long and slender,
You work tirelessly.
You work endlessly,

Toiling again and again,
One goal in mind:
To join the world.
Join it in peace,
Join it in love.

But your goal is unreachable,
You cannot do it alone.
And so you grow tired,
You cannot handle anymore.
You sleep,
Never to wake again,
Never to strive for unity.

But no matter,
Another will replace you,
And he will try.
So sleep
And enjoy your dreams,
For they last forever.

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