Day 112. A few of my favorite things

Just wanted to share a few things that I have found recently that I enjoy. Got to make the world a happier place, right? 😉

  1. Mr. Ned StarkMr. And Little Miss Game of Thrones: I found this blog a couple of days ago via Pinterest, thanks to ThinkGeek. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the Mr. and Little Miss books that were really popular years and years ago. Each book was about one character and the story taught a lesson. Well this blog creates Game of Thrones characters in the Mr. and Little Miss style. So if you’re read the Game of Throne books or seen the show, this site is quite funny.
  2. foxshirtWhat does the fox say shirt: Found this shirt on when I was looking for my dice jacket. As you know, I really enjoyed the What does the fox say music video so it was a happy coincidence when I found this. Not only is it a shirt about an awesome video but the little animals are cute too! Who wouldn’t want this shirt?
  3. BirchBirch and bamboo shower curtains: found this on ThinkGeek a few days ago. Shower curtains that look like bamboo or birch trees, how fun is that?! The pictures make the curtains look so real. Right now I have a a cream, cloth shower curtain, so even though I don’t need one, I’m thinking about adding this to my wishlist. For those who don’t want a crazy pattern in their bathroom, I think this might be a good alternative to a solid color curtain. Check out what the bamboo one looks like too!

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